Have you ever wanted to create an altar, or a meditation space in your home but haven’t quite known how to do it? This event is for you!


Einstein said it like this: “The Intuitive Mind is a sacred gift and The Rational Mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”In the chaos and noise of our every day lives, our spirit can get lost, leaving us with a sense of dullness and even fatigue. Intuition is the sacred doorway for our spirits to speak.

Our spirits need a home, a safe place to return to time and again to replenish, revitalize, renew and re-inspire.

What is your spirit calling for?

Come together during the enhanced energy of the full moon to:

  • Understand why we create sacred space and what purpose it serves

  • Learn the benefits of connecting to your inner guidance daily

  • Discover the different elements to create a sacred space

  • Explore ways to honor this space by keeping it fresh and alive

  • Leave with an actionable vision for what you will bring together to create a sacred space in your own home that is as unique as your spirit is.

Attendees will be able to join a closed FB group to share your sacred space with others from our group.

Join us for this fun and inspiring evening  as we harness the creative energy of the full moon to manifest a new sacred space for our spirits to come home!



**We will not be exploring any particular religion during our time together. Our purpose is to guide each of you to decide for yourself what items need to be included according to your own values and beliefs. This is a nondenominational offering. 




Please contact Christine with any questions or email her if you’d like to be placed on the wait list. Christine