Healing for the Healer

Hello Fellow traveler!

We love to give. But are we giving more than we have in our tank?

We guide our clients on clearing their energy to stay healthy…but are we clearing our own energy on a daily basis?

We coach about self care? But are we doing enough to keep our own bodies strong?

Our bodies ARE our Tool, our vessel for healing. Are we heeding the whispers of our own intuition, calling for more balance, more rest, better nutrition?

We need to do OUR work in order to do THE work for others. Self Care is Self Love…Not Self-ish!

OK OK!! Have you heard enough reminders and catch phrases? How about, “We teach best what we most need to learn” 🙂 That’s a good one that gets me all the time!

So here is the bottom line! Are you a Healer? Are you guiding and caring for others on a daily basis? If you are, I am a deep believer that we must FILL OUR OWN CUP FIRST or run the risk of getting burned out or sick.

I know I absolutely need to receive Healing on a regular basis or I’d be exhausted and less effective for my clients.

So I created this session just for you, my peeps, so you can continue to go out there in the world and do your Healing in a world that desperately needs yours gifts!!

In this session we will do an energy Reboot!
– Balance your chakras
– Utilize Sound to raise your vibration
– Clear grounding chords
– Release any stuck GUNK that’s not yours
– Work on strengthening boundaries and shielding
– And more

It’s your turn now!

Schedule your 75 minute Healing for the Healer Session