The Transformative Journey of REIKI MASTER

The Master Symbol quite literally translates to, “Great, Big Bountiful Light.” So taking the journey through Reiki Master opens up a portal to connect to this Great Big Bountiful light within you and with in us all. The result is a complete transformation of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

During our 3-month journey together we will take a deep inner dive to clear, attune, support, and open your inner landscape to allow this great big bountiful light to flow fully through your own life first. It is when we do our own inner work that we are then able to most powerfully illuminate and activate that healing light within others.

Take Everything Deeper:

Reiki Master Nuts & Bolts:

  • Deepen your understanding of the Chakra system and auric field
  • Learn techniques to keep the healing reiki energy flowing continuously without you having to be present
  • Learn how to apply the Reiki Master Symbol
    – for your own inner healing and transformation
    – and for the inner healing and transformation in others
  • Having been attuned to the Sacred Master Key, learn how to attune people, animals and crystals to Reiki energy
  • Learn how to apply the Reiki Master symbol in specific areas of your life to enhance the healing work you are already doing in the world
  • Receive the Master attunement



  • 4 group sessions (including the Reiki Master Completion Celebration)
  • 3 Individualized Healing sessions with Christine
  • 3 Individualized Self Reiki Protocols
  • 3 1-to-1 Private Mentoring/Coaching sessions
  • 3 1-to-1 Private Supervised Practice sessions

Cost of Certification:

Reiki Master Dates: 

January 28th, 2024

Dates coming for Summer 2024


Please note: One of the most sacred aspects of The Reiki Master Journey is the Master Attunement.
For this reason as well as others, there are no refunds in tuition once the course has begun.