It is during the darkest and quietest times that we hear the whisper of new beginnings.


The Energy of the new moon asks us to Dive deep within. It is a time for PATIENCE . A time for CLEANSING. It is a time to REFLECT- not act, a time to LISTEN – not speak. We come together to call in New Beginnings and to plant the seeds of intention for your own soul’s garden.

Under the crisp, dark night of the New Moon and with the healing vibration of the Alchemy Crystal sound Bowls, we come together to set new intentions, call in new beginnings and swiftly release whatever is ready to go.

The New Moon is a powerful time to courageously look inside, revealing what your truest desires really are and to plant those seeds for manifestation.



Please contact Christine with any questions or email her if you’d like to be placed on the waitlist. Christine