Are you opening to spirit? Receiving nudges from the universe?

Do you trust synchronicity or shrug it off as a ‘weird coincidence’?

Would you like to learn how to tap into your own inner guidance more? Meet your guides?

As the world shakes us these days, now more than ever,
it seems we are all looking for that something greater than us for comfort and strength.

Come join us!

In our time together….

We will…

Learn tools to strengthen your connection to guidance and intuition.

Discover what blocks your guidance and how to work with it with ease.

And you will walk away with a personal and unique message from spirit.

Gatherings will cover different topics, tools and themes each time. So come curious and open!

This intimate gathering is limited to 10 people to facilitate a safe space to grow, explore and be curious.

Spirit Gathering Dates:

Tuesday, November 12th 7-9pm

Friday, Jan 24th 7-9pm – NEW MOON Spirit Gathering

Tuesday, April 7th 7-9pm – SUPER FULL moon!

Monday, July 20th 7-9pm – New Moon