Reiki II Via ZOOOOOM. BRAVE NEW WORLD. **New Dates & New Price**

I am excited to now be offering Reiki II Certification remotely via Zoom. I am offering it as 2 Sundays in a row.

And during these difficult times, my belief is we all need to come together and support each other. With that goal in mind, the new price is $X…as in You Decide 🙂 Sincerely, if this workshop speaks to you and the timing works, please take a moment to decide what makes sense for you financially.

There will be 2 attunements – 1 each week to raise your frequency to be able to channel Reiki II Energy. These will be done One-on-One over FaceTime each Sunday after we conclude our zoom session.

You will have opportunities to practice between classes either by accessing the Absent Channel to practice on people remotely, or by utilizing those people/animals you are currently dwelling with. Plenty of ways to practice.


  • Receive powerful reiki II attunements
  • Learn how to proficiently use the 3 sacred keys of reiki
  • Raise your reiki healing power to the level of reiki master
  • Learn how to conduct absent reiki healing sessions as powerfully as if the person were right there with you
  • Strengthen your intuitive abilities
  • Learn to work with the chakras in a deeper way.
  • Leave the class with even more confidence in your healing ability to channel reiki energy
  • Receive your level II certificate

I am offering a 3rd workshop to dive into the Bioenergetics of Death and Dying. You will leave this workshop with a complete understanding on how the spirit travels up through the crown to exit at the time of physical death, how Reiki can assist this process and how to use the Absent Symbol to assist those who are dying alone in hospitals right now.

This course also includes a brief check in with Christine each week after we meet to answer any questions you may have and to support your learning process. Meeting with Christine is not required, just offered as support.

Reiki II Certification

     May 10th & 17th

Bioenergetics of Death and Dying

     May 24th