Why do I walk the labyrinth?

Sep 13, 2021 Self Love

I woke up early this morning…the sounds of nature on a steamy post-summer morning urging me outside…

A few weeks ago, during my own healing session, I reluctantly agreed on an assignment to spend some time thanking my uterus for all its hard work over the years. Cute right? Well…I have been avoiding this assignment..Until now.

The urging in my soul also brought me outside this morning.

So here I am, in the back yard, with 2 feet that feel like cement…at the gateway between resistance and freedom…the entrance to the labyrinth.

I notice my breath…I practice this – like really practice noticing my breath many times a day. No joke. And as you can surmise…currently – there is NO flow. I am holding my breath…I am holding on!

Another urging…I ask my angels to help me let go of whatever resistance is in my body and in my breath. B I G breath in through the nose…sighing it out AHHHHHHHHHHH.

Flow starts to return…as I breathe in…organically my whole being softens, my fists unclench, releasing my thumbs from the grip of my fingers! This is an old posture…pulling everything in tight in ‘protection-mode’. I breathe in again…There is No threat here. I am safe. All is well.

And so I am at that choice point…will I choose growth? Freedom? Courage? Or stagnation, resistance, fear? The labyrinth pulls me into its healing vortex…I choose freedom!

And I Start…To…Walk…So many metaphors come to life when I walk a labyrinth…literally one foot in front of the other. Being present…having to ‘keep my head where my feet are’ as the expression goes or quite literally risk falling off the path 🙂


Slowly…I walk…there is only space for one person to walk…there is really only space for me to walk my own spiritual path as well…that is me and the divine. Through the twists and turns, I keep walking…noticing my mind chattering. How many more turns? I wish this was faster…yeah…some of that resistance was still walking with me. It’s like… first I shed the physical resistance by physically starting to walk…then the next layer emerges. The MIND gets really noisy with all its typical chatter and negative thinking…Keep walking and breathing…I just notice the thoughts until they start to simmer down and the symphonic sounds of nature attune my heart to calm and ease.

Then the next layer emerges…Emotions kick up…naturally, because I am making space inside to notice what is actually going on in there. This is BRAVE work! It is the way of personal integrity and honesty. BREATHE…help me move these feelings through!

I allow the feelings to emerge…I am historically masterful at out running my emotions…BUT the labyrinth slows me down as I continue walking into the center…winding my way into my own center. Emotions must be witnessed on this path or they become blind spots…they become chunks of unprocessed energy blocking joy and freedom.

Keep walking…I name my feelings for several breaths…Fatigue…Apprehension…Impatience…Sadness…as I presence each one it mystically dissipates…like energy evaporating in poofs of mist. When I have the courage to be with the feelings, notice them…they miraculously lose their weight…another step…another breath in through the nose…sighhhhhhhiiiiinnnnngggg it out AHHHHHHHHHHH.

And then the magic…the flip…the flow…its like a channel opens between me and the divine…I’ve arrived at the center of the Labyrinth…I’ve arrived in MY center…its as if my soul, my purest essence just emerges and speaks.

This silly assignment (yup more resistance) to thank my uterus (have to admit it worked) all of a sudden takes a new form.
Gratitude pours out of my soul for the gift of creating life itself. Gratitude for the pain in my body that woke me up and set me on a healing path many years ago…appreciation for the divine feminine that creates life through our bodies…all of it…the hard stuff, the joyful stuff, the painful stuff and scary stuff, and the miraculous stuff. Pure gratitude for my life and my journey and excitement for the path ahead.

Walking the labyrinth for me is like walking home…to my soul…E V E R Y      D A M N      T I M E !

What practices MOVE you in YOUR life?

What extraordinary gifts have emerged from spending brave time listening to your soul?

Are you craving more of this in your life currently?

I invite you whole heartedly to take your own walk home into the center of your soul.

I invite you to come Walk Home!

In love and light,