IGNITE your soul fire. RESTORE your vibrance.
SHINE your most powerful self.



This is your chance to go on a unique inward 3-part journey utilizing multiple healing modalities including Reiki, sound healing and more. With Reiki, you’ll always receive the unique healing you need at that particular moment in time. Your transformation will take place in a 3-part journey.

Session 1: CLEAR

Remove the weight of old mental patterns and heal your inner child and ancestral wounds

Session 2: BALANCE

Restore & reset your whole being to calm, grounded, steady energy

Session 3: EXPAND

Quiet the noise in your mind and learn to connect to your intuition and receive clear guidance

Includes 3 – 75 min. sessions 


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“Nothing Ever Goes Away Until It Has Taught Us What We Need To Know.” -Pema Chodron