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2022 – Watch Me Rise!

Today I woke up with a level 7 pity party ramping up fast. Today is New Years Eve…today is also day 7 of my covid journey. My thoughts were swirling…a combination of physical and emotional fatigue, discomfort, uncertainty, sadness…the weight of it all was as sticky as the stuff in my chest ! My inner … Continue reading 2022 – Watch Me Rise! ...Read More

Musings on Gratitude

So with the internet blowing up this November with gratitude messages for Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help but chuckle and wonder…what happens the other 364 days of the year? For me, cultivating a DAILY practice of gratitude  has transformed my life in ways I couldn’t have envisioned when I started. And let me be clear – … Continue reading Musings on Gratitude ...Read More

Why do I walk the labyrinth?

I woke up early this morning…the sounds of nature on a steamy post-summer morning urging me outside… A few weeks ago, during my own healing session, I reluctantly agreed on an assignment to spend some time thanking my uterus for all its hard work over the years. Cute right? Well…I have been avoiding this assignment..Until … Continue reading Why do I walk the labyrinth? ...Read More

Gift of Lyme – The Sequel

WARNING!!!!  Potentially Triggering language in this post. So if you react to the GOD word, please read with caution:-) You have been warned. OK…here we go! Yeah…so I struggled with naming this blog…obviously. First it was “The Healer who couldn’t Heal” then it was “Feeling like a fraud” and then I tried out “The Imposter … Continue reading Gift of Lyme – The Sequel ...Read More

Start Your Day Over Anytime

I head out for my walk today…predominantly cloudy outside… and inside (if you know what I mean). Cranky would define my mood. I spot 2 older ladies up ahead and already I’m annoyed that they are laughing way too loud. Their joyful shrills felt like torpedoes in my ears. And let’s not mention that their … Continue reading Start Your Day Over Anytime ...Read More