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I Killed My Fish

THAT was the battle cry that rang out into my once peaceful kitchen last Sunday morning as a mixture of tears, terror and oddly placed laughter spread across my daughter’s face....Read More

A Letter to my Daughter on her 15th birthday!

You bounded into this world, BLAZING a trail through my heart, through our lives and through the lives of many. From the moment you landed, you have always marched to the beat of your own drum...Read More

Do You Believe You’re Guided?

I have a friend…she’s a healer, a real life Shaman. She was the first one to open my heart to this idea that Mother Earth guides us every day…IF we pay attention. It’s like any muscle really....Read More

The Gift of Lyme…and Other Chronic Illnesses: An invitation to come home

So, if you found your way here chances are you are struggling with your own health crisis or you have your own story of recovery … welcome!...Read More

Just For Today

Ramblings from a wintery office…So today my Lyme disease it teaching me patience and the skill of being truly present! When I say TODAY, I do not mean it in the global, life lesson way....Read More