What I’m learning from my daughter…

Aug 30, 2022 Personal

I woke up on morning #2, post college drop off with a heavier heart. Today I felt her absence…her special brand of magic. Jess is a sun beam, a moon beam, some glitter, with lots of dance tracks and splashes of color …all in one. Simply said, Jess is BIG JOY! Her laughter is never far away.

With a little drag in my step, I rose anyway….the kids are watching me…you see, I am no stranger to transitions or ‘big’ life moments and I have learned that my kids learn far more by observing my actions during these ‘big’ life moments – far more than lots and lots and lots of words…lol.

So I set about my daily routine, having faith that putting one foot in front of the other would lead me into my day with more ease…The dogs are fed, the espresso on the stove…I brought some mail into my office…and there it was!

THE HUMMINGBIRD…Staring right at me at eye level was a Hummingbird! She just hovered and gazed…

Some of you may be laughing or throwing in the eye roll at this point…and yes sometimes a bird is just a bird. But there are no flowers by my office window…there is no sun either….yet there she was steadily radiating her magic.

If you look up the meaning of the Hummingbird, it says this:

“The Beat of Life, Joy, the miracle of living, the need to bring more color and more vivaciousness into your life.”

The Hummingbird’s Magic was the exact Magic Jess brings into our home…

I took a deep breath and realized that my own angels were inviting me to cultivate these qualities, this brand of magic for myself. It is time for me to dance more, and laugh more and live with more color…all on my own, Self-Generated.

And now I see that Jess was one of the best teachers the universe could have ever sent me.

With hugs and healing,