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Worrying is…Praying for the Worst Outcome

Think about it…it’s hard to scroll thru any social media feed without reading about “The Laws of Manifesting”. So we KNOW that our thoughts become things. Thank you, Mike Dooley and The Secret Daily Teachings. But how do we put these principles into action? How do we stop worrying? How do we stop magnetizing the worst possible outcomes?...Read More

I Killed My Fish

THAT was the battle cry that rang out into my once peaceful kitchen last Sunday morning as a mixture of tears, terror and oddly placed laughter spread across my daughter’s face....Read More

Do You Believe You’re Guided?

I have a friend…she’s a healer, a real life Shaman. She was the first one to open my heart to this idea that Mother Earth guides us every day…IF we pay attention. It’s like any muscle really....Read More