Do You Believe You’re Guided?

Sep 21, 2017 Spirituality

I have a friend…she’s a healer, a real life Shaman. She was the first one to open my heart to this idea that Mother Earth guides us every day…IF we pay attention. It’s like any muscle really. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

It was late Spring and I had just made the BIG decision to head to Germany for an innovative treatment for Chronic Lyme. I had reached my bottom and knew something needed to change…through a series of synchronicities, this German Clinic appeared on my radar and it just felt right. Tears of relief…and hope.

So as I was preparing for my journey there I noticed Dragon Flies started appearing everywhere. I heard my friend’s voice, “ Be curious, observe, is there a message?” Day after day, in front of my car, on my leg, across my kitchen window Dragon Flies kept dancing around me. I knew it was a sign and decided to look it up.

Dragon Fly: Embodies the essence of changes in emotional and mental aspects and the effects on the body, mind and spirit. Her message speaks of transformation, shedding old illusions, releasing old patterns and changing habits. It is a time to keep balance in the storm. Allow the rebirth to happen. And she reminds you of the spiritual support by the many assisting you.

Yup…it fit!

I am still awed by the simplicity of guidance…if I pay attention. The Dragon Flies followed me to Germany…whenever one danced across my hospital window or landed on a chair in one of the outdoor cafes in town, I felt supported by the whole universe. It felt like a huge warm hug.

Returning home a few weeks later, it was time for my 13-year-old son to have an adventure of his own. This kid…seriously wise beyond his years. It was his idea to take on the challenge of paddling 80 miles in 10 days through the St Croix River in Minnesota. He had never been away from home before let alone flown half way across the country to sleep in tents with strangers and be without soap or toilets ☺ He said he needed something to boost his confidence…he needed an experience to help him heal the residue he was holding onto from a couple of truly challenging years. So…off he went.

In the days while he was gone I would intentionally bring him into my morning and evening meditations, sending Reiki not only to my son but to the river, the other campers and to the counselors who were guiding the adventure. I asked my guides and his guides to be there with him as he worked out what he was there to do…and then it struck me…this was a summer for both of us to transform and heal a bunch of old stuff. How awesome! Dragon Fly came to mind again…I asked our guides to send Sam a sign from time to time, just when he needed it, that he would recognize so he would feel their guidance and know just how truly supported he is.

And in a blink, we were driving Mass Pike West towards home from the airport. He was HOME! He seemed taller, stronger and a whole lot dirtier…ALL SMILES…I could tell it was good medicine. He chatted my ear off about this and that…new friends, bad food, scary storms, etc. Then he paused…and got quiet. “Mom? I wanted to ask you…” Our eyes met and he continued, “The dragon flies…” I gasped! “ Those were you, right?” We both teared up and I reached for his hand. No more words were needed.

Guidance is everywhere…signs from Mother Nature are powerful…and our connectedness as human beings is so far beyond our imagination. Were the Dragon Flies in Boston a coincidence? In Germany when I needed some strength? In Minnesota when Sam felt home sick? One could say, SURE…or…how much better does life feel when I choose to believe I am guided and I am connected. I believe it’s a choice. I’d rather live each day feeling inspired and spurred on by a greater source – and find out I’m wrong where ever we go ‘after’ than to live each day in an isolated, self-reliant hell. It’s a choice. What will you choose?

All my love and blessings,
Christine Grace