What our Clints Are Saying

“My session with Christine was enlightening and extremely supportive. With grace and calm, Christine shared her insight and made concrete suggestions that resonated deeply. I also appreciated the sharing of research sources and further reading ideas. I highly recommend working with Christine.”


“I met Christine by chance in a rehabilitation center. She helped me then and again as a private client. Her support, encouragement, and therapy far exceeded any expectation I had for our time together. To say I'm grateful is an understatement.”


“After a Reiki treatment with Christine Grace I felt relaxed and open to a heightened appreciation for all the blessings and beauty in life. Small worries slipped away for the time being. It was almost a spiritual experience. Thank you Christine!”


“I have had many Reiki sessions with Christine and each session has been a unique experience. I truly believe Reiki is necessary for moving energy to grow and be in balance. I feel my work with Christine helps me achieve the energy balance I need for both my professional and personal life. Christine has gone way beyond my expectations for energy work.”


“About five years ago, my life was turned upside down. I spent the last several years living in “crisis-mode” trying to put the pieces back together and get my feet back on the ground financially, emotionally, and physically. As each area of my life began to stabilize and the dust started to settle, I looked at my life and felt an overwhelming sense of...now what? I entered a period of feeling frozen and “stuck”. As long as I could remember, my days were devoted to fixing problems and plowing through to-do lists. I didn’t know how to live any differently. What I realized was...I didn’t know how to live. Through powerful coaching sessions with Christine, I am breaking through this barrier. With her amazing insight, Christine has helped me to clarify my personal values and challenge lifelong beliefs that have held me back from living life fully. Christine’s approach is friendly and genuine. Her heart is kind and compassionate - at times offering personal anecdotes that convey ‘I have been there too. I know what you are feeling. I get it.’ Christine has inspired me to put down the to-do lists, break out of the familiar comfort zone, and follow my inner voice and passions. In a nutshell, partnering with Christine has empowered me to live life proactively.”


““In the few Reiki sessions I’ve had with Christine, I’ve been astounded at how much energy and internal shifting I feel, both during the experience and afterwards. Christine has a deep spiritual presence that is also incredibly calming and welcoming, which I think helps me to feel comfortable enough to trust her to do the work. Even when I’m sort of skeptical of Reiki itself, I end up feeling so much emotional and energetic movement that it lets me know something must be actually happening, which is a pretty cool experience!””


““Having never had a reiki session before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. During my session with Christine I felt the tension release from my body and I left feeling relaxed yet energized. An added bonus was the reading she gave to me after my reiki session. It was uplifting and spot on. Christine creates a warm and inviting space. I would highly recommend her if you are thinking of reiki. ””


“I am new to Reiki but was curious to try it to get some balance in my life. With 3 boys I feel like I've been running in circles and putting myself last. What I found in my treatments is a place of energetic relaxation and peace. I remember my first session that I felt on the cooler side and after drifting off to a peaceful place I returned to see Christine sweating profusely from the intense energy my body was expelling. I found it fascinating to learn where on my body the heat was deriving from and the correlation to my chakras. Since that time I have had many sessions and all have been intense yet serene. I feel I tapped into a place I rarely allow myself to go and that it is providing healing on a deep level.”


“Through the experience of working with a life coach, I have begun the process of uncovering my own inner voice, the patterns of thought that hold me back from living fully in any area of my life, and to trust and be guided by the guidance innately within me. Christine has been such a gifted guide through this work. Working with her, I feel held compassionately as I uncover my stories, I feel heard as I express my own deepest fears and I trust that the work she helps me with is a getaway to my truth and happiness. Christine’s greatest gift is that she serves my work from doing her own. Her ability to listen deeply, to articulate what she hears me say and to offer insight and guidance, to help me shape a vision of happiness, and fulfillment are just some of her gifts. Thank you Christine!”


“The coaching that I received from inner compass helped me break my personal barriers with growing my company. It helped to clarify my strengths and narrow my objectives so that I could achieve the growth and success which I was seeking. Christine’s ability to drill down and target the fundamental leadership obstacles has allowed me to become more effective with both my time and the people with whom I consult. The leadership 360 assessment was an enlightening experience and has been a valuable tool as I work with my clients throughout the country. It helps me align what I know about myself with how I am perceived by others.”