Reiki Healing

EveryBody is unique. Every soul’s journey is different. So why should every Healing be exactly the same?


During our unique Healing Journey, I intuitively draw from all of my tools as an Energy Healer, Certified Life Coach and Professional Intuitive to select healing modalities, moment by moment, that will bring about the highest level of healing possible in our time together. It is a fluid and deep soul journey, peeling layers of blocked emotion, releasing old traumas and experiences, and revitalizing your entire being.


Each session includes the ancient and transformative Hands On Healing Energy of Reiki with Channeled Intuitive Guidance combined with many other Healing Modalities. These include Vibrational Sound Healing using my beloved Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls & 7-metal Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal energy healing, Guided Visualization, Messages from Loved ones in spirit, Angel Cards and more.


Expanding your healing session in this way opens up a powerful pathway for deep physical and emotional healing as well a spiritual transformation. It’s time to peel off the hangover of life that has been accumulating around your body, mind and spirit.

Schedule your 60-Minute Reiki Healing Session

“Nothing Ever Goes Away Until It Has Taught Us What We Need To Know.” -Pema Chodron