EveryBody is unique. Every soul’s journey is different. So why should every Healing be exactly the same?


During our unique Healing Journey, I intuitively draw from all of my tools as an Energy Healer, Certified Life Coach and Professional Intuitive to select healing modalities, moment by moment, that will bring about the highest level of healing possible in our time together. It is a fluid and deep soul journey, peeling layers of blocked emotion, releasing old traumas and experiences, and revitalizing your entire being.


Each session includes the ancient and transformative Hands On Healing Energy of Reiki with Channeled Intuitive Guidance combined with many other Healing Modalities. These include Vibrational Sound Healing using my beloved Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls & 7-metal Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal energy healing, Guided Visualization, Messages from Loved ones in spirit, Angel Cards and more.


Expanding your healing session in this way opens up a powerful pathway for deep physical and emotional healing as well a spiritual transformation. It’s time to peel off the hangover of life that has been accumulating around your body, mind and spirit.

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Hello Fellow traveler!

We love to give. But are we giving more than we have in our tank?

We guide our clients on clearing their energy to stay healthy…but are we clearing our own energy on a daily basis?


We coach about self care? But are we doing enough to keep our own bodies strong?

Our bodies ARE our Tool, our vessel for healing. Are we heeding the whispers of our own intuition, calling for more balance, more rest, better nutrition?

We need to do OUR work in order to do THE work for others. Self Care is Self Love…Not Self-ish!

OK OK!! Have you heard enough reminders and catch phrases? How about, “We teach best what we most need to learn” 🙂 That’s a good one that gets me all the time!

So here is the bottom line! Are you a Healer? Are you guiding and caring for others on a daily basis? If you are, I am a deep believer that we must FILL OUR OWN CUP FIRST or run the risk of getting burned out or sick.

I know I absolutely need to receive Healing on a regular basis or I’d be exhausted and less effective for my clients.

So I created this session just for you, my peeps, so you can continue to go out there in the world and do your Healing in a world that desperately needs yours gifts!!

In this session we will do an energy Reboot!
– Balance your chakras
– Utilize Sound to raise your vibration
– Clear grounding chords
– Release any stuck GUNK that’s not yours
– Work on strengthening boundaries and shielding
– And more

It’s your turn now!


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Open yourself to receive divine guidance in all the many forms (Messages from departed loved ones, connection with spirit guides, channeled wisdom from angels and higher realms) as well as practices to take with you into your life.


A 60-minute session designed to Open yourself to receive divine guidance in all the many forms as well as practices to take with you into your life.


This is an opportunity to sit with Christine for a 60-minute session and practice opening to grace. It is an ever deepening and expanding practice to allow for divine guidance to flow into our lives. 


Every session is different and guided by the Divine, not by you and not me. We practice surrendering our will and receiving exactly what information is needed in this present moment. 




This individual 60-minute mentoring session is appropriate for you regardless of where you are on your personal or professional journey. We will create a vision for your path together so you can be the strongest and clearest vessel you can be.


  • We will craft daily energy and spiritual practices to reconnect you to your magic.
  • We will work on expanding your intuitive skills as well as understanding your strongest innate intuitive channel.



Death is hard to talk about, no doubt… Yet we all have to take this journey at some point in our lives.


When I was a little girl, my mother volunteered for Hospice and she brought home a book by Elizabeth Kubler Ross on dying. Initially it scared me but then it called me. I opened the pages and was so drawn to the faces and the stories of bravery and transformation. All I saw was beauty and love. And from that moment on, as a very little girl, I knew this part of the souls journey was sacred and needed to be honored and respected.

“I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no death the way we understood it. The body dies, but not the soul.” – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Supporting our loved ones during the dying process is one of the most courageous gifts we can offer them. The ultimate act of service and love. And the transition of the soul from the physical body to spirit can be a sacred and conscious journey with profound healing and peace.

Reiki powerfully supports this process on all levels: Calming ones emotions, settling the mind, and assisting them to gracefully let go while preparing the soul for transition to whatever you believe is ready to receive us.

If you or a loved one are journeying through this difficult process and would like support or more information, please reach out.

***Each end of life journey is unique. Communicating your needs and wishes all the way along is essential in providing you and your family with the support you deserve. We will work together to develop a comprehensive yet fluid plan as your transition progresses.

Below is the list of healings available to assist you and your family:

Healing for Preparation of End of Life

Healing during Hospice: preparing for the journey

Healing during the time of transition

  • Absent Reiki Healing on the loved one passing
  • Absent Reiki Healing for the family unit

Healing for the soul’s journey

  • Healing once the loved one has passed (this occurs within 4 days of the physical passing)

In addition to being A Reiki Master Teacher, Christine has trained specifically on the bioenergetics of dying with Reiki Master Teacher, Lourdes Gray.