On Solid Ground: A 30-day Foundational Healing Journey

Feeling completely depleted? Stressed out? Recovering from an illness? Perhaps you are moving through a major life transition. You may need some extra support! That ol’ oxygen mask on YOU first story!  It is crucial to refill your energetic cup so you can get out of survival mode.


Put it another way, if you are leaking energy faster than you replenish it, how can you expect to keep going without some serious consequences????


I’ve got a way through!


For those in a healing crisis, a chronic illness, a big life transition or some other sustained stressor. Stop the depletion and start rebuilding a solid foundation from which your whole being can thrive.


“Nothing Ever Goes Away Until It Has Taught Us What We Need To Know.” -Pema Chodron

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(4 weekly – 60 minute Weekly Hands-on Healing Sessions – $750)

Balance & Harmony: A 90-Day Healing Journey

IGNITE your soul fire. RESTORE your vibrance. 
SHINE your most powerful self.


This is your chance to go on a unique inward 3-part journey utilizing multiple healing modalities including Reiki, sound healing to ignite the Goddess within and feel inspired and empowered. I


Session One: CLEAR

Remove the weight of old mental patterns and heal your inner child and ancestral wounds

Session Two: BALANCE

Restore & reset your whole being to calm, grounded, steady energy

Session Three: EXPAND

Quiet the noise in your mind and learn to connect to your intuition and receive clear guidance

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(Includes 3 – 75 minute Monthly Hands-on Healing Sessions – $750)

Ascension: A 3-Month Healing Journey

Do you ever wonder if you are fully living out your soul purpose?

  • Do you feel like you are in the midst of a spiritual awakening?
  • Are you looking for guidance as you step on to your spiritual path?


I got you. I am here to help guide you along your path of ascension. Together we will help you get the clarity, connection and emotional support to help you awaken to your soul’s longing.


This is a deep dive combining healing work with spiritual mentoring to support you on all levels of your being – to clear, balance and harmonize your soul. You will leave feeling more purposeful and connected with your soul path.


This journey includes 3 months of sessions, 7 in total.

SCHEDULE Ascension: A 3-Month Healing Journey

(75 Minute Kick off with Spiritual guidance & mentoring followed by 6 – 60 minute sessions alternating between Healings and Mentoring/Spiritual Guidance.  – $1500)

Freedom from Our Past: A Liberating Healing Journey


Pinpoint and release the root of your self-sabotage and fears. Together we will uncover the source of the original wound that holds you back to set you free.

Clear away the wounds of the past to allow for your expansive future…

We all have a history that has shaped us, and left unexamined unconsciously determines our future.

Are you exhausted, have you hit an emotional wall that you suspect has to do with your past, but aren’t sure how to break free from it?

Do you feel the weight of your past interfering with your current relationships?

Are you ready to stop allowing your past to determine your future?

Your time has come to let go and clear the pain of past relationships, so that you can finally step fully into your biggest, most-badass, goddess-self!!

Imagine what it would be like to be truly free of the patterns that keep you stuck in fear once and for all, and claim your life from a place of acceptance, love and wholeness.

It is possible to surrender to grace and feel complete in yourself again, or possibly for the very first time.

I am here to help guide, heal and support you through the whole process.


This is what each step along the way will look like:

Session One:

We begin with an energetic scan to identify the origination of the wound and clear any enabling patterns stuck in your chakras;

Session Two:

Together we will journey to nourish and heal your inner child to reclaim your power and sense of self;

Session Three:

We will use a plethora of methods to cultivate forgiveness and self-love and create a spiritual team to help support you on your path toward freedom; and,

Session Four:

In our final stage of completion we will clear and karmically balance soul contracts to fully claim, and declare, YOU as your biggest and brightest self.


No more muscling through your life alone.

It is time for you to shine brightly. Let me help you.

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(Includes 4 – 75 minute sessions – $1200)