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What I’m learning from my daughter…

I woke up on morning #2, post college drop off with a heavier heart. Today I felt her absence…her special brand of magic. Jess is a sun beam, a moon beam, some glitter, with lots of dance tracks and splashes of color …all in one. Simply said, Jess is BIG JOY! Her laughter is never … Continue reading What I’m learning from my daughter… ...Read More

2022 – Watch Me Rise!

Today I woke up with a level 7 pity party ramping up fast. Today is New Years Eve…today is also day 7 of my covid journey. My thoughts were swirling…a combination of physical and emotional fatigue, discomfort, uncertainty, sadness…the weight of it all was as sticky as the stuff in my chest ! My inner … Continue reading 2022 – Watch Me Rise! ...Read More

Musings on Gratitude

So with the internet blowing up this November with gratitude messages for Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help but chuckle and wonder…what happens the other 364 days of the year? For me, cultivating a DAILY practice of gratitude  has transformed my life in ways I couldn’t have envisioned when I started. And let me be clear – … Continue reading Musings on Gratitude ...Read More

Start Your Day Over Anytime

I head out for my walk today…predominantly cloudy outside… and inside (if you know what I mean). Cranky would define my mood. I spot 2 older ladies up ahead and already I’m annoyed that they are laughing way too loud. Their joyful shrills felt like torpedoes in my ears. And let’s not mention that their … Continue reading Start Your Day Over Anytime ...Read More

Worrying is…Praying for the Worst Outcome

Think about it…it’s hard to scroll thru any social media feed without reading about “The Laws of Manifesting”. So we KNOW that our thoughts become things. Thank you, Mike Dooley and The Secret Daily Teachings. But how do we put these principles into action? How do we stop worrying? How do we stop magnetizing the worst possible outcomes?...Read More

Taking Risks

I recently had the privilege and honor to work with some incredibly talented and creative artists. Their brand of magic was to transform my everyday self into camera-ready for headshots and video....Read More

Lessons I’m Learning From My Dog

So this happened today :-) As I woke up, I discovered my exuberant pup, Zena, wildly thumping her tail…while staring at HERSELF in the mirror. I burst out in empathetic laughter...Read More

I Killed My Fish

THAT was the battle cry that rang out into my once peaceful kitchen last Sunday morning as a mixture of tears, terror and oddly placed laughter spread across my daughter’s face....Read More

A Letter to my Daughter on her 15th birthday!

You bounded into this world, BLAZING a trail through my heart, through our lives and through the lives of many. From the moment you landed, you have always marched to the beat of your own drum...Read More