Worrying is…Praying for the Worst Outcome

Feb 7, 2019 Personal, Spirituality

Think about it…it’s hard to scroll thru any social media feed without reading about “The Laws of Manifesting”. So we KNOW that our thoughts become things. Thank you, Mike Dooley and The Secret Daily Teachings. But how do we put these principles into action? How do we stop worrying? How do we stop magnetizing the worst possible outcomes?

And why am I so intently probing this subject, you ask, on a Monday? Kind of a cruel way to start the week! 😉

Because I did some varsity level worrying this weekend and needed to turn my own worry ship around! So here are the tools I pull out when that BIG Huge looming Worry Monster takes hold of me.

  1. Make a gratitude list: 5 things that I am truly grateful for in this present moment.
  2. Share this list with a trusted friend because when we share our joy & gratitude, it doubles.
  3. Get outside: It’s the perfect time of year here in New England to do this. Breathe…listen to the birds…watch the dance of the squirrels. Nature is a total reset for the soul with zero mental effort.
  4. Positive affirmations: ‘All is well in my world today. I am exactly where I am supposed to be and the universe loves me.’ Yes yes yes – this can absolutely be a ‘fake it til you make it’ task. Here’s a tip…take what you are worrying about and then use the positive alternative as the affirmation. Example: The Worry:  I am so worried I’m not doing enough to prepare my teenagers for the real world… Affirmation:  I am enough. I am doing my very best. My kids have their own lessons in life and I trust the universe has their back too!
  5. Drum roll please….yes…I meditate. My ‘go to’ practice is HeartMath’s Quick Coherence Technique. It is the FASTEST way to interrupt my worry. Check out my video here to learn this technique. On a day like I had Sunday, I used this breath S-E-V-E-R-A-L times throughout the day. I am a work in progress. Worry can be habitual. We are not going to stop years of habitual worry with 1 3-minute meditation. Come on, people! Let’s be realistic.

So what do you choose? What are you more committed to? Creating your worst fear or putting in some effort to create a more powerful life? What WORRY are you ready to let go of on this beautiful Monday? Let’s crush this day!