A Letter to my Daughter on her 15th birthday!

Oct 16, 2017 Personal

Dear Jess…my funky hip-hop diva!

You bounded into this world, BLAZING a trail through my heart, through our lives and through the lives of many. From the moment you landed, you have always marched to the beat of your own drum, stomping and dancing your way through the house letting your presence be known. Was it even possible for someone to be born so completely comfortable in their own skin? You have always been a leader, it’s simply your DNA.

I even tried color coding your closet when you were 3 years old, over managing your morning routine, in a futile attempt at having you pair your clothing ‘my way’. And each day you’d emerge wearing EXACTLY what you wanted, exactly how you wanted it…purple stripes from one side of the closet on top with blue flowers from the other side on the bottom. Even louder choice of socks and shoes…never forgetting some extra clips for your hair. You had style, sass and flair even then. You did it your way! Ahhhh…the lessons I’ve learned about letting go and giving up control ☺

Thank you for the greatest gift of my life – motherhood. My biggest wake-up call! You inspire me to be braver, stronger and tougher than I ever thought I could be in order to be the parent your soul requires.

You have come through the past 3 challenging years with the Courage of a Warrior and the Grace of a Goddess! You asked me once in the middle of it all, why you couldn’t just have a ‘normal’ childhood with ‘normal’ problems. My belief now and my answer then is still the same…everyone goes through some storms in their life, Everyone! It’s the human condition. No one escapes. The fact that God believes you can handle these storms now, at your age, just proves to me that He has BIG Plans for your life. You are being prepared for greatness…the truth is…you have gone through a hell harder than many adults ever do. You not only survived but came out the other side with wisdom and skills that will carry you your whole life through – whatever life throws your way! You now know from experience that you can handle ANYTHING. You have Grit, Resilience, massive amounts of Integrity while still maintaining a huge, loving heart! These are your SUPERPOWERS. You’ve earned them!

So don’t ever let life try to tame your spirit. Don’t ever be tricked into playing small to make others around you more comfortable. You are not meant to fit into any ordinary box!


Shine your whole quirky, creative, spunky, authentic, gorgeous, smart self into the world!

I am proud and honored to witness the incredible human being that you are.

Happy 15th birthday!

Love, Mom