Taking Risks

Apr 10, 2018 Personal, Uncategorized

I recently had the privilege and honor to work with some incredibly talented and creative artists. Their brand of magic was to transform my everyday self into camera-ready for headshots and video. I put them to the test as they fluffed me up and made me glam – complete with false lashes (so awesome). Throughout the transformation, I started to lose sight of the very purpose I was there…to bring to life a meditation technique that I was super excited to share with all of you.

It made me wobble…As consumer’s of SM, it’s easy to lose sight of how much work goes into a few great photos…to get caught up in the hype and the aesthetic. All that anyone sees is the final product – the post, all glammed up with great lighting and most likely photoshopped. What you don’t see are the hundreds of awkward faces and blinking eyes that didn’t make the cut prior to getting that ONE shot that I could live with. The truth is, put me in front of a camera and I felt completely exposed and totally vulnerable. All the old negative tapes started running their stories loudly in my head.

Seriously, imagine if you will, we are shooting a meditation video meant to help others de-stress and I’m having a panic attack. OK…it wasn’t that bad…but it wasn’t pretty. So what happened? What got my panties all in a bunch? That old business about being authentic…about truly showing up for what’s important in our lives…It made me temporarily freak out. All of a sudden I had thoughts like, what if they think this stinks? What if they think I look silly? But then I realized that the reason these voices were so loud was because THIS work really matters to me. It is deeply meaningful to me which made it feel riskier. How I ‘looked’ really didn’t matter and wasn’t the point. My appearance is not what gives me value.

So I laughed at myself A LOT and thanked those amazingly patient professionals for hanging in their with me through every take and every retake. And each time Eric smiled and gently said C-U-T…I started again. I got in touch with the bigger YES…the reason I was there shooting this video in the first place. It didn’t matter how I looked…I made peace with the fact that although I am at the beginning of this journey, I still have value and lots to say that can make a difference in people’s lives (just like it did for my life).

Sooooo…in the powerful and painfully true words of my teacher, Sonia Choquette, Be Willing to Be at the Beginning. Every famous actor started by stepping onto the stage for the first time. Every writer began by putting down her first words. Be willing to be a beginner…Have Courage to Be Uncomfortable…and be willing to Take the Risk to Be Seen and do what you love.

I wanna hear YOUR stories of wrangling your fears and having the courage to do something important to you anyway! Let ‘em rip!

Or better yet…DO SOMETHING THIS WEEK THAT SCARES THE PANTS OFF OF YOU because it means that much to your soul…And have the courage to share it with us here. Warrior on!

Sending hugs and blessings,